An Introduction and Linkdump For Your Reading Pleasure

Greetings, newcomers, old friends, random internet strangers and bots of every flavor. Since a lot of people have recently discovered my work, it was suggested to me that I might like to throw together some links of the choicest stuff I’ve come out with in the past not-so-long. I’m very tired and I had about fifteen minutes to do this, but here you go. Knock yourself, figuratively speaking, out.

For those of you who haven’t much of a clue who I am: I’m a small shy British weirdo and I spend most of my time reading. I write non-fiction and also some fiction. I was established in the late autumn of 1986 and received more education than is strictly healthy. I’m a nerd and a feminist and on team queer, and I continue to become more radical as I get older, if only to piss off everyone who told me I was going to turn into Melanie Phillips. I like tea and cuddles and having my hair stroked and ridiculous little dogs and am thin-skinned and easily startled, none of which is very gonzo. I never know where my keys are. Apparently I’m ‘much nicer in real life.’

Also, I write a lot. This is because I have rent to pay and get bored easily. I’ve been churning out at least a hundred pieces a year for seven years to the extent that I’m no longer fit for any other useful employment. These are my favourite that I remember from the last twelve months or so. I have also written some books and you should buy them so I can keep the nine reprobates I live with supplied with gin and ribbons.

Latest Books:

Unspeakable Things

Everything Belongs To The Future


I’m With The Banned

I Want My Country Back

Why The Great British Bakeoff Is The Best Thing On Television Now Or Ever

How To Boil A Frog

Maybe You Should Just Be Single

How To Be A Genderqueer Feminist

When Life Imitates Game Of Thrones

Life Hacks Of The Poor And Aimless

The Tragedy Of James Bond

Robots Are Coming For Your Job, And That’s OK

“Mad Max” Is A Feminist Playbook For Surviving Dystopia

What To Do When You’re Not The Hero Anymore

What We Talk About When We Talk About Millennials

‘Clean For The Queen’ is Tory Britain at its Worst

What David Cameron Did to the Pig, His Party is Now Doing to the Country

The New Chauvinists


Your Orisons May Be Recorded

The Killing Jar

Blue Monday

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