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Submission for the lovely We Are Comics Tumblr:

I’m Laurie Penny, I’m 27, I’m a writer and journalist, a nerd and a feminist, and I’ve been reading comics for 14 years. Part of the reason I decided to pursue journalism was because I was a fan of Warren Ellis’ ‘Transmetropolitan’ series. Right now I’m obsessed with Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ ‘Saga’ and Blue Delliqunti’s ‘O Human Star’.

Stories shape us. And right now a change is taking place in the stories we are allowing ourselves to tell, and who gets to tell them, and who has to sit quietly and listen. Comics have always had the potential to be a radical medium, because they edge around the mainstream, because they are collaborative, because they play with time and form, and because they’re so much bloody fun. Now that we have the interwebs, comics are getting more democratic, and fans and creators can navigate around the cultural debris of lazy storytelling and make art and magic that’s more interesting, more diverse and more human than ever before. And that excites the hell out of me. I’ve never been prouder to be a fan.

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  1. Saga is brilliant – I’m collecting the trade paperbacks. Can I recommend the I N J Culbard graphic novel version of Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness” if you haven’t already read it? It’s done in a style very reminiscent of HergĂ©’s Tintin books. I love how he treats the sound of the Shoggoths in it, connecting it with the earlier name of the Necronomicon, and making the trains in the tunnels sound like them. Also, the latest Hawkeye series – loving what they’re doing with a very deliberately limited palette.

  2. Saga is all kinds of great. Thing is, I always struggle to explain to people who “don’t read comics” why they should give it a go. I end up babbling for a bit and then just saying, “It’s just really good, read it!”.
    You’re good with words Penny, how do you explain it?

  3. Hello
    I like your post about comics. In fact I like all your writing and just wanted to say so. Not on Twitter, etc so thought I would leave a comment here, if that’s OK. Looking forward to your next book. Keep up the good work; very inspirational.

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