Sex, Cigarettes, Science Fiction, Revolution: my favourite articles of 2012 so far.

I’m still on the road with all my belongings in a suitcase, and spending a lot of time moping around in coffee shops working on things that haven’t come out yet. Discordia, the ebook I’ve written with noted artist and jailbird Molly Crabapple, comes out in a week’s time. Meanwhile, for the benefit of new followers and those who just like to have things in one place – it’s good to organised, Molly says so, and she is wise! – here’s a round up of some of the best long-form things I’ve written this year. Enjoy.

The Bank of Ideas

A surprising number of my reporting adventures seem to involve me having an uncomfortable night’s sleep somewhere unusual. This is my report from the last days of Occupy London.

Model Behaviour

An essay for The New Inquiry about beauty, sexism, RuPaul’s drag race, the art of Cindy Sherman, queer performance and makeup. 

London, Underground

I spent a whole day riding the underground in pre-Olympics London. This is what happens. Features pigeons, social cleansing and Boris Johnson’s godawful disembodied voice.

The Sugar Daddy Recession

An epic piece of trolling-as-feminist-journalism-for-truth-and-justice that I wrote for Salon, in which I contacted all the blokes advertising on Craigslist London and NYC looking for ‘sugar daddy’ arrangements. This was lots and lots of fun to do.

The Problem With Naomi Wolf’s Vagina

A review of Wolf’s new book that became a rant of industrial proportions about fanny-centric class-blind neoliberal feminism. Contains cuntini.

On Board the Occupy Battle Bus

Report from a cross-country bus taking young Occupiers from New York to Chicago.

In Defence of Fifty Shades of Grey

Because sometimes porn is porn is porn, and it’s only a problem when it’s made for women. 

When Nice Guys Rape

Political, personal, political. Written in the middle of the Julian Assange-George Galloway-Todd Akin rape-misrepresentation Week Of Bullshit. Post contains me talking about my own experience of rape, and hence comes with a trigger warning.

The Future, Probably

A review of William Gibson’s new book of essays, ‘Distrust That Particular Flavour.’ On cyberpunk teens and the end of the end of the world.

I’m plotting new adventures for the rest of the year right now, so if there’s anything you’d like to see me cover or write about, just email me at Thanks!

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