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Emergency fundraising: help a Greek journalist!

ETA: We’ve made what we were aiming for and then some, so no more donations are needed – thank you so much to everybody who has been kind enough to pitch in. Much love and solidarity, Laurie and Molly xx
As many of you know, Molly Crabapple and I are in Athens, working on interviews and research for our upcoming collaboration, Discordia. We’ve met a lot of very generous, helpful people while we’ve been here, and none more so than our official fixer and occasional translator, Yiannis Babboulias, who is an almost-25-year-old hero journalist and junkie-looking Spider Jerusalem equivalent monstering his way through a pile of financial propaganda as well as anyone here in Greece. We are very fond of him, and whatever this project becomes, it will be better because of his input. 
Last night on the way home from a long day shepherding the pair of us through interviews, Yiannis lost his IPhone, and had to walk back through Exarchia to get it. On the way he ran into the kind of trouble that it’s dangerous for a working journalist in Greece to talk about openly – the sort of trouble that often befalls young students and undocumented migrants walking through the more politically charged areas of Athens at night. As a result of which, this morning Yiannis is shaken, and in a physical state that we can’t really talk about for the same reasons, and still has no phone.
We would really like to fundraise to get Yiannis a new IPhone – he’s as financially precarious as any young person in Greece and as a journalist he can’t really function without one. We can’t afford to buy him one outright, but we will both be contributing. Anything you can donate, however big or small, won’t solve the Eurozone crisis, but it will go a small way towards financing independent journalism in Greece. Anything extra that we raise over the cost of a phone will go towards a plane ticket so that Yiannis can come to the book launch in London in September. Thank you.
Please send any donations, however large or small, via PayPal to molly@mollycrabapple.com; if you prefer not to use PayPal you can email laurie.penny@gmail.com and we’ll sort something out.