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Not NATO: a collaboration with Molly Crabapple.

So the divine Molly Crabapple and I overcaffeinated ourselves and decided we should start teaming up on some art journalism. I wrote two pieces for the Independent about the Chicago protests, and Molly drew illustrations based on photos I took and sent to her. They’ve been published at The New Inquiry, too.

Molly says:

“On Saturday, me and journalist Laurie Penny were drinking tea and talking about making something together. The next day she took the 17-hour Occupy Wall Street busride down to Chicago, to cover the #noNato protests. Laurie sent me iphone snaps of her busmates- kids who were singing Disney songs as they prepared to be beaten and arrested.  So I drew them.”

This is unlikely to be the last time Molly and I work together directly, so stay tuned (or whatever the internet equivalent of that sentiment may be).