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Articles from around the web

Here’s a small selection of my work for The Independent, The Guardian, The New Statesman, The Nation, Salon, BoingBoing, The New Inquiry and others:

Culture, Media and Cartoon Politics

Journalism versus Activism – Warrenellis.com

The Future, Probably – William Gibson review for The New Inquiry

Th Return of Radical Chic – Salon

Dignity in Life and Dignity in Death – New Statesman

Buns, Bunting and Retro-Imperialism – New Statesman

Facebook, Capitalism and Geek Entitlement– New Statesman

Poppy Day is the Opium of the People– New Statesman 

Reports on protest, politics, riots and resistance

Lost boys and girls on the Occupy Battle Bus – The Independent

A Run on The Bank of Ideas: Occupy 3 months On – New Statesman

In the Shadow of Wall Street – The Independent

Cyberactivism: from Egypt to Occupy Wall Street – The Nation

Panic on the Streets of London: the August Riots – Jezebel/Sydney Morning Herald

An Afternoon with the English Defence League – New Statesman

Occupy Wall Street: fencing the Bull – New Statesman

Inside the Millbank Tower Riots – New Statesman

Inside the Whitehall Kettle – New Statesman

A Right Royal Poke – The Guardian,

Radical Squatters – The Guardian

The Occupy Movement: from Liberty to London – The Nation

Feminism, Queer Politics and Troublemaking

The Sugar Daddy Recession – Salon.com

In Defence of Cunt – New Statesman

Vajazzled and Bemused – New Statesman

A Woman’s Opinion is the Short Skirt of the Internet – The Independent

Say it again: it’s our right to choose – The Independent

Rihanna, Slut-Shaming and Farmer Graham – New Statesman