This Is What The Manosphere Warned You About


My friend wanted to take my picture for her art series. I said yes, but only if I could be a feminist witch. Portrait by the unutterably talented Nadya Lev. Makeup: Risa Robins-Moloney. Wardrobe: Mother of London

2 thoughts on “This Is What The Manosphere Warned You About”

  1. I’ll keep trying, every chance I get. Dear Ms Penny, when do you expect to resolve the contradiction in two of your New Statesman pieces of being in favour (in one) of women having complete (legal) control over decisions about their pregnancy and (in the other) condemning women who decide to abort a female foetus? Perhaps feminist “witches” have a magical ability to contain two completely contradictory ideas in one brain? Apart from anything else, if there are in your view exceptions to the right to abortion, some of us would be interested to know whether there are any others on the list. Just asking – which is NOT the same as trolling.

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