Weird Tales and Writing News!

From 'Something In The Water.' Script by Laurie Penny, Art by Brett Parson for Vertigo.
From ‘Something In The Water.’ Script by Laurie Penny, Art by Brett Parson for Vertigo.


Exciting news! News so knicker-wettingly thrilling that I’m having to exercise conscious bladder control while I type this!

So, I’ve been away, and I’ve been busy. Among other things, I’ve been working on fiction: comics, short stories, and more. And some of that fiction has just come out.

Firstly, ‘Making Babies’, a short story about marriage and technology, was published by Vice’s Terraform vertical last week. You can also read it in German at Der Spiegel!

Secondly, ‘Something In The Water,’ a short comic about mermaids, is out now as part of Vertigo’s POP collection, illustrated by Brett Parson. Here’s what I said in an interview for the website:

“Something in the Water” is a 21st-century reply to The Little Mermaid. That film came out when I was five, and it set the standard for the way women could rebel: sweetly, silently and always on someone else’s terms.

Sirena and her gang are people I know in real life. They’re the weird queer kids who don’t fit in, making a new world in the wreck of the old one. There’s a magic to that, and I wanted to celebrate it.

That’s all for now, but there’s more in the works. In July I’ll be returning to New Statesman as Contributing Editor, writing columns and features. I’ll be continuing to work on fiction stories at the same time. This is a new stage in my work, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

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